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Wine staging 5.0-rc1 available for download

  As expected immediately after the release of Wine 5.0-rc1, Wine staging 5.0-rc1 was built on its basis (825 patches were added).

  Wine Staging is a winehq.org test site. It contains bug fixes and features that have not yet been integrated into the development branch. The idea behind Wine Staging is to provide experimental features faster to end users and enable developers to discuss and improve their fixes before they are integrated into the main branch. More information on Wine Staging can also be found at winehq.org.

  Changes made since the last release:

* Relocated to the current version of Wine 5.0-rc1.
* kernel32: converting scsi device type to SCSI_getprocentry.
* kernel32: added support for reading scsi devices from sysfs.
* wusa: implemented basic installation logic.
* wusa: ignored the systemProtection subkey of the registry key.
* wusa: considered an empty update list as an error.
* wusa: implemented support for WOW64.
* wusa: improved tracking of the installation process.
* wusa: display a warning when compressed msdelta files are detected.
* wined3d: Silence is very noisy FIXME in wined3d_texture_add_dirty_region.
* ole32: Unicode properties storage dictionaries are correctly analyzed.

* d2d1-ID2D1Factory1
* Compiler_Warnings
* kernelbase-ReOpenFile
* wintab32
* set of patches winebuild-Fake_Dlls

  You can help this project:
* Launch Steam / Battle.net / GOG / UPlay / Epic
* Check out your favorite game.
* Check out your favorite apps.
* Improving the setting of patches and getting their upstream.

If you find an error, please report it via https://bugs.winehq.org.