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Steam introduced Remote Play Together

  Remote Play Together is a new feature that allows you to play games with local multiplayer with your friends on the Internet.

  Beta is now available! Using Remote Play Together, you can invite Steam users to a game with local multiplayer, co-op, or shared / split screen. Up to four players can connect as well. The game must be purchased and installed only on the main computer, and all other players can join using the Steam Remote Play streaming technology.

  Friend controllers will work as if they are directly connected to your computer, and all voice chat and sound volume settings are available in one place.


  • Play local multiplayer games with friends via Steam
  • Broadcast video, audio, input and voice communication between players
  • Use custom controllers or share keyboard and mouse
  • Play together on Windows, Mac or Linux

  More details can be found here.

  We tested this feature on the game Serious Sam 3. BFE. The picture quality is not at the highest level and there are crashes. The developers promise to improve the stability and compatibility of the network on various devices. They are waiting for feedback in the discussions.