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Proton GE was updated to Proton-5.9-GE-7-ST

  Proton GE is usermade release of Wine with additional patches for the best games performance.

  This release only contains a lot of game-related fixes. Some complete, some partial. Some important additions are based off new found multiplayer desynchronisation bypass in some games (FOR EXAMPLE MK11 AND AGE OF EMPIRES II: DE). Multiplayer mode of MK11 has finally started working and looks as correct as possible. If you know other games that desync in multiplayer, you might need vcrun2019_ge, which was added into protonfixes. Also it's reccomended to update GPU drivers if you play HZD, Death Stranding, Serious Sam 4. For AMD users the reccomended GPU driver is mesa-git, for Nvidia -proprietary NVIDIA driver 455.23.04 beta.


  • Path of Exile protonfix changed to dxgi - fixes incorrect GPU choise in igpu + dgpu systems.

  • Launch paramethers of Path of Exile waitforpreload and garbage collector were deleted from protonfix.

  • Additional in protonfix Mafia: DE and Mafia: II DE - now those games are playable.

  • Age of Empires II: DE added to protonfix - fixes multiplayer desync.

  • Mortal Kombat 11 added to protonfix - fixes multiplayer desync.

  • Monster Hunter World added to protonfix so that seccomp automatically launches (required at last update).

  • Endless Space 2 - fixed wrong colores.

  • Saints Row 2 added to protonfix - allows using menu, cut-scenes and ingame sound.

  • Missing wbemprox patch in Bloons TD6: ValveSoftware # 2330 (comments) .

  • Added Marvel Avengers patches to protonfix, which allow to launch the game - bare in mind that it's still near unplayable: 

    -dx12 is broken, so that dx11 is enforced
    -dx11 is not fully compatible with the game but it still runs
    -currently dx11 rendering has glitches
    -random issues occur.

  • Serious Sam 4 added to protonfix so that Vulkan API is enforced - also note that:
    -it still fails to launch on NVIDIA gpus no matter what API is used (vulkan, d3d12, d3d11)
    -on RADV and AMDVLK textures flicker. That is being checked here: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/issues/3563 .

  • Vkd3d-proton was updated for temporary usage. Vkd3d-proton is located at github.com/intersectRaven to bypass vram limitations for Horizon Zero Dawn.

  • Vulkan patches in Wine were updated in git (5.19) version, some deprecated patches were deleted. That allows vsync usage in HZD, so it won't break, and works fine in some other native vulkan games (Doom Eternal, SS4, Path of Exile).

  • Patches for Wine in git (5.19) version were updated: mfplat, quartz, gstreamer.

  • dxvk was updated.

  • faudio was updated.

  For more information see here.