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New release of the Proton 4.11-8 project

  Valve has published a new issue of the Proton 4.11-8 project, which is based on the experience of the Wine project and is aimed at ensuring the launch of Linux-based gaming applications created for Windows and presented in the Steam directory.

  Proton allows you to directly run gaming applications that are only available for Windows on the Linux client. The package includes the implementation of DirectX 9 (based on D9VK), DirectX 10/11 (based on DXVK) and DirectX 12 (based on vkd3d), working through the translation of DirectX calls to the Vulkan API, provides improved support for game controllers and the ability to use full-screen mode regardless of the supported screen resolutions in games.

  In the new version:

  • The package integrates the vkd3d package, which provides an implementation of Direct3D 12 that works through the translation of calls to the Vulkan API;
  • Discontinued delivery of Wine and other library assembly options with debugging symbols enabled. For debugging purposes, a separate "debug" Proton tag is available in the Steam client;
  • Updated build system. A new build target 'redist' has been added to the makefile, making it easy to redistribute Proton assemblies between users. Significantly accelerated assembly process. The virtual machine image used to build it has been updated to Debian 10;
  • Work was done to reduce the disk space consumption by the Proton package and to reduce the size of downloaded updates;
  • Improvements related to the work of Rockstar Launcher and Grand Theft Auto 5;
  • Improved support for game controllers in Farming Simulator 19 and Resident Evil 2 games;
  • Solved problems with the mouse in the game Arma 3;
  • The ability to run the game "DmC: Devil May Cry";
  • DXVK layer (DXGI, Direct3D 10 and Direct3D 11 implementation on top of the Vulkan API) has been updated to branch 1.4.4;
  • The D9VK layer (Direct3D 9 implementation on top of the Vulkan API) has been updated to the experimental version 0.30;
  • FAudio components with the implementation of DirectX sound libraries (API XAudio2, X3DAudio, XAPO and XACT3) have been updated to release 19.11;
  • The wine-mono components that allow you to run many XNA games and games on the Unreal Engine 3 engine have been updated to version 4.9.4.

  See release notes here.