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Piper - GTK + application for customizing gaming mouse

  Piper is a graphical interface for ratbagd DBus. The list of supported devices depends on libratbag. See libratbag device files for a list of all known devices. Device-specific protocols usually require reverse engineering, and the available functions may vary depending on the functions announced by the manufacturer.

  You can install Piper using the repository of your distribution, using Flatpak or creating it from the source code.


  Installation Instructions:

  • Fedora: dnf install piper
  • Arch: pacman -S piper
  • Debian: sudo apt install piper
  • Ubuntu: add this PPA and then install using  sudo apt install piper
  • OpenSUSE: zypper install piper
  • Solus: eopkg it piper




  Piper is also available as Flatpak. For technical reasons, ratbagd cannot yet be labeled, so users must install it manually. Piper flatpak requires the latest version of libratbag.


  You can find Piper on Flathub here.


  First install the build dependencies for a particular distribution.


  Piper uses the Meson build system version 0.42 or later, which in turn uses ninja to build and install. Run the following commands to clone Piper and initialize the assembly:

$ git clone https://github.com/libratbag/piper.git
$ cd piper
$ meson builddir --prefix=/usr/

  If you encounter missing dependencies, check out the FAQ and/or this post.
  To build or reassemble after changing the code and installing, do:

$ ninja -C builddir
$ sudo ninja -C builddir install

  Note builddir This is the build output directory, which can be changed to any other directory name.

  More information is available here.