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Installing GameMode, a tool for improving game performance on Linux

  GameMode is a background process that on-the-fly modifies various Linux system settings to maximize gaming application performance.

   GameMode was designed primarily as a temporary solution to problems with energy-saving Intel and AMD processors or regulators on demand, but now it contains a number of functions and optimization configurations.

   In some games, when using it, the FPS increases significantly.

   In order to install it, you must run the following commands in the terminal:

     Install dependencies

  Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and other derivatives: sudo apt install meson libsystemd-dev pkg-config ninja-build git libgtk-3-dev libdbus-1-dev

  Arch, Manjaro and derivatives: yay -S meson systemd git dbus

  Fedora and derivatives: dnf install meson systemd-devel pkg-config git dbus-devel

  Gentoo: emerge --ask games-util/gamemode

     Build and install (for all distributions):

git clone https://github.com/FeralInteractive/gamemode.git
cd gamemode
git checkout 1.5 # omit to build the master branch

  By default, the gamemoderun script will be installed in the /usr/bin/ directory

  It is necessary to make this script executable:

cd /usr/bin/
chmod +x gamemoderun

  Now you can start the game and enjoy:

gamemoderun ./your_game

  Or, open the game shortcut in the editor and insert the env gamemoderun parameter at the beginning of the Exec line:

Exec=env gamemoderun /path/to/game/your_game

  You can also add the option to launch the game on Steam:

gamemoderun %command%