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EVE Online

  The game takes place in the distant future and includes breathtaking journeys to the stars, adventures, the pursuit of treasures, danger and glory. The global economy of EVE Online is entirely dependent solely on the actions of the players. The project participant can choose from a wide variety of professions - from a simple trader to a mercenary, from an industrial magnate to a pirate, from a mining engineer to an admiral of a space fleet, or any combination of these and other roles.
  Your main value is a spaceship equipped in accordance with the functions performed by it, as well as the skills and ambitions of the player. A rich arsenal of various types of weapons, combined with a variety of modules and components opens up unlimited horizons for the improvement of your ship. Engage in peaceful trade or take part in hostilities - in EVE Online, fate is always in the hands of the player.



  For the game to work properly, it is necessary to install font packages:


  For Debian (and derivative distributions like Ubuntu): apt install fonts-wine ttf-mscorefonts-installer

  For Redhat (and derivative distributions): yum install msttcorefonts

  For Arch Linux (and derivative distributions): pacman -S ttf-ms-fonts

  For Gentoo: emerge media-fonts/corefonts

  For SUSE: zypper install fetchmsttfonts


  Script for automatically creating a game prefix:

{jd_file file==17}

  For instructions on how to use our scripts, see here.