GOG Galaxy 2.0

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  GOG GALAXY 2.0 is a program that will help unite several game libraries and communicate with friends regardless of the game platform, including the console! If you play with friends on different platforms and have to use many launchers — GOG GALAXY 2.0 is for you! Now you can easily track game purchases, achievements (friends and your own) and time spent in games on all platforms. The client is completely free, you only need a GOG account. 


  Ссылка: https://www.gogalaxy.com/en/


  We have prepared a script for GOG Galaxy 2.0. Also, we made sure that you could install a third-party game. To do this, go to the Custom directory of the already installed GOG Galaxy 2.0. There are two scripts: Add_CustomApp and Add_EpicGames.



  When installing a game, an error appears with the code E2:


   This error is fixed by the fixE2 script in the SETTINGS directory.

GOG_Galaxy2.0GOG Galaxy 2.0 HOT
DateTuesday, 30 June 2020 18:40
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  Instructions for running scripts for automatically setting the Wine prefix are here.

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