The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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  This is a role-playing game with a non-linear plot in an incredibly beautiful open world, where each decision has its own consequences. You are a professional monster hunter Geralt from Rivia, who will find a child of prophecy in the world of large corrupt cities, pirate islands, dangerous mountain passes and wild caves.

  Become a professional hired monster hunter. Witches prepared from childhood and possessing superhuman abilities bring balance to the world teeming with monsters. Destroy enemies as a monster hunter with a huge arsenal of weapons, mutational potions and battle magic. Hunt a variety of monsters and spend your reward on improving weapons and armor or participate in horse racing, card games, fist fights and other entertainments.

  A script was prepared for this game:


TheWitcher3The Witcher 3 1.1 NA HOT
DateSunday, 09 February 2020 17:44
File Size 453.29 KB
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  Instructions for running scripts for automatic configuration of the Wine prefix are located here.

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