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Feral Interactive polls game porting players

  Game porting studio Feral Interactive is conducting a survey on its Twitter. They collect user opinions about which games they should port.

  Feral Interactive has already ported a ton of games to Linux, including Alien Isolation, Life Is Strange, Before the Storm, Life is Strange 2, Mad Max, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS (and many other Total War games), XCOM and XCOM 2, and many others . Their last works were the best. After they added Vulkan support, the performance improved and the game became much more pleasant.

  Here is the question asked on Twitter:

What game would you like to be ported to macOS, Linux or mobile platforms in 2020, and why?

Is there a game in dire need of porting? Let us know why it’d be perfect on your favourite platform and your answer could feature in our next newsletter: feralinteractive.com/xx/register/

  Link to the tweet here.