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DXVK 1.4.5 Released

  DXVK is a layer that converts D3D10 and D3D11 calls to Vulkan instead of OpenGL, thereby adding performance in games. Thanks to DXVK, we can play the latest gaming news.

  Changes made by Philip Rebohle:

  • Asynchronous presentation is enabled on all GPUs and the option dxvk.asyncPresent is removed. This option was previously disabled on Nvidia GPUs due to random GPU freezes. If problems still occur, be sure to use the latest driver, and if possible, test the current Vulkan beta for developers (435.27.07).
  • The amount of thread synchronization around occlusion requests has been reduced to increase multithreading efficiency.

  These changes can improve processor performance in Final Fantasy XIV and other games that are at least partially limited by call rendering bandwidth.

  And also followed bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed random hangs on Nvidia GPUs when resizing the game window.
  • Fixed possible crashes when using the Wine DXGI implementation (PR # 1240 ).
  • Reimplemented by constantly checking the buffer range for Nvidia GPUs to use storage buffers instead of uniform buffers to match D3D11 behavior.
  • Dirt Rally: fixed GPU freezing on RADV caused by uninitialized UAV counters.
  • Earth Defense Force 4.1: fixed a bug due to which some objects and HUD elements were not rendered ( # 1242 ).
  • Final Fantasy XV: fixed serious performance degradation when the Geomapping option is enabled, caused by an error in the game.
  • Metal Gear Solid V: OpenVR DLLs are disabled to work around a strange problem when all rendering is flipped vertically ( # 1245 ).
  • Metro 2033:  fixed rendering problems with depth of field enabled due to a bug in the game.

  More information can be found here.