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CodeWeavers and Valve SteamOS are hiring developers

  CodeWeavers is a small company based in St. Paul, Minnesota that allows customers to run Windows programs on macOS, Linux, and Android using the open source Wine technology, and is looking for talented programmers who want to learn how to make Wine better. They have developers all over the world and are happy to hire remote workers.

  CodeWeavers recently became a Valve Software partner for integrating Wine into the Steam client for Linux as part of the Steam Play (Proton) initiative. This makes Linux players easier to play Windows games on Linux. They need new, full-time developers to improve Wine's ability to run games.

  f you are interested in applying, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Include your resume, any relevant examples of work that you can offer, and tell them a little about yourself (specific interests in programming, favorite games, hobbies outside of programming).

  You can view the vacancies here.


  Valve SteamOS team requires a software engineer.

  As a senior software developer on the SteamOS team, you will be part of an extremely motivated and experienced group of people. You will help design the features and architecture of SteamOS and become one of the key code developers. You will develop and provide features that enable you to create new entertainment opportunities, provide digital content to millions of customers, improve community functions and generate revenue. Must have experience at all stages of the project life cycle and focus on the client.

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