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A new release of D9VK 0.30 “Froglet” layer for broadcasting D3D9 in Vulkan

  D9VK is a project-based DXVK layer for translating Direct3D9 to Vulkan and is used in Wine. Developer Joshua Ashton has released a big update.

  This release is based on the latest release of DXVK 1.4.4. It includes many changes to improve gaming performance. Support was added for the new DirectX 9 features, experimental shader predefinition, and more. Many bugs related to the games Sims 2, Alan Wake 2, Battlefield 2, Halo, Halo 2, Psychonauts and others were fixed.

  You can use D9VK on Steam Play Proton. You need to add a launch parameter: PROTON_USE_D9VK = 1% command% for each game separately. Perhaps in the near future, Valve Corporation will add this release of D9VK to the next version of Proton.

  You can see more detailed information about the release here.

  Developer Notes:

Please do not use wine's d3d9x or d3dcompiler with d9vk. They make invalid API calls and generate bad shaders. I cannot stress this enough.

If you are compiling with MinGW, please use the dwarf2 exception patch to improve performance.